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Founder of the shop

I heard about barefoot shoes when my fist child started walking and we had to choose his first pair of shoes. Both of us - me and my wife, were unsure if barefoot shoes were worth it. We bought him Biomechanics because we thought that this is the perfect shoe brand for babies and toddlers. We were wrong. It turned out that they were too heavy and bulky for his thin legs and he was tripping and falling a lot more wearing them. So we decided to try winter barefoot shoes for him. The difference in his walking was stunning. He strated walking as if he was without shoes and there was no more tripping and falling. This was the moment when we became 100% sure that we are only going to buy barefoot shoes for our kids.

Later on my wife transitioned to barefoot shoes. She used to have back pain when walking for long distances and always had pain down the spine when hiking. After 3 months of transitioning she had her back pain go away! This was the moment when I started considering transitioning to barefoot shoes as well. I saw that there are real benefits from using barefoot shoes.

Lastly I decided to try barefoot shoes myself. I have always had pain when walking or standing in the center of my feet, so I thought I should give the barefoot shoes a try. Soon I realised that once you go barefoot, there is no coming back to normal narrow shoes. Now I not only walk, but I also go trail running everyday with barefoot shoes. Finding the right shoes was so difficult for our family. Not only there is limited information on the internet, but also there was no barefoot shop in Bulgaria, that sells a variety of shoes for kids, women and men. This is why I decided to establish a shop that is going to be the first barefoot shoes shop in Bulgaria.

Kalin Nikolov