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Baobaby slippers – Monster

54,00 лв.


Super comfortable baby shoes that are Ideal for crawling and first steps. The baby slippers are suitable for children up to 3 years old. The slippers have cute design that cheers up your little ones. Soft soles support natural little feet development and barefoot walking. This product is made of vegetable leather that is safe for child’s bare feet.

Koel4kids Rain boots Jungle

75,00 лв.


Koel WELLIE was developed on a Bernardino based sole with wide toe box specially for kids. Aiming to provide an incredible walking sensation and healthy growing, those shoes  have an anti slip sole.

  • This product offers a comfortable feeling with 65% of Polyester / 35% Cotton Lining and pull-on closure.
  • This product can be order only in Medium Fit.