Barefoot Shoes Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 – Grey & Black

330,00 лв.


Delivery for that product takes up to 10 business days


Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 is a new and improved version of our popular autumn/winter barefoot boots. Handcrafted with premium oiled nubuck leather & rubber skirting around the toe-box and the heel for strength and durability needed for trail walks, easy hikes and even urban wear. Continue enjoying barefoot freedom in style throughout the cold season with Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 boots on your feet.

Barefoot Shoes Be Lenka Trailwalker 2.0 – Grey

279,00 лв.


Delivery for that product takes up to 10 business days.

The new version of the popular lightweight terrain model with several improvements. Enjoy the true barefoot feeling with the minimalist leather shoes Be Lenka Trailwalker 2.0. This model offers rubber protection around the entire shoe to prevent wear and tear and soaking. Additionally, a top metal eyelet has been added for improved lacing, and the insole now boasts excellent absorbing properties. Time to hit the trails!

Barefoot Sneakers Barebarics – Revive – White & Grey

309,00 лв.

Liven up your casual style with Barebarics Revive – Featuring an unmatched level of barefoot comfort, premium vegan materials and dynamic looks that suits various outfits. The stylish double lacing and lightweight feel will have you grabbing them more often than not.