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The RACCOON in wide is suitable for all wide children’s feet for which narrow or medium-sized shoes were previously too uncomfortable. The wide models are 5mm wider than regular width models.

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Wide Fit
Feet are different – bLIFESTYLE want to offer the perfect barefoot feel for all foot shapes. In order to be able to develop and maintain a healthy way of walking, our feet need enough space, because shoes that are too tight can lead to poor posture and joint pain. The wide models are therefore 5mm wider than all shoes with a conventional width and therefore also fit slightly wider feet, so that they can move freely.

Organic leather
With this leather lining, which is often worn directly on our skin, bLIFESTYLE make no compromises and only use purely vegetable-tanned organic leather. This is more resource-saving and environmentally friendly than leather from conventional production. The upper material of “organic line” also consists entirely of vegetable-tanned organic leather.

Flexible barefoot soles
When we are small, we learn a natural and healthy way of walking barefoot or in socks, which we unfortunately forget over time, mainly due to the wrong and constricting shoes.

The heart of  minimal shoe is the barefoot sole specially developed by us . A sole that promotes your foot position and general posture. Our feet are protected by only 4mm thin shoe sole , but they remain active and we noticeably perceive the ground. Our feet move freely. Running in minimal shoes strengthens your foot musclesand promotes a healthy and natural running style.

Barefoot shoes made from sustainable materials
For bLIFESTYLE, sustainability is not a marketing trend. They attach great importance to an ecological, fair and sustainable future. bLIFESTYLE only want the best for your health and your feet. This automatically means that they only use natural, sustainable and high-quality materials. This starts with GOTS certified organic cotton and only ends with the use of water-based glue .

bLIFESTYLE do not use chemical processing or repairs, so each barefoot shoe is a handmade one-off that bears the handwriting of the employee from Portugal. Almost all materials originate in Europe and are non-toxic and meet extremely high standards.

 Handmade in Portugal
Your new favorite shoes will be handmade in a family factory in Portugal. bLIFESTYLE founder has been in close contact with the manufacturer for many years, they are constantly working on new products and optimizing  models together. Through the trust built up and on-site visits, they are sure that social and ecological standards are observed. bLIFESTYLE minimalistic shoes are therefore manufactured under fair working conditions . They rely on a long-term and fair partnership.

Function:breathable , easy to care for
Lining:Soft organic leather (vegetable tanned)
Gender:Boy , Girl , Unisex
Insole:soft organic leather (vegetable tanned)
Collar: suede
Outsole:rubber (100% synthetic)
name model:Raccoon
Upper:Organic nappa leather
Production country:Portugal



Your measured foot lengthOur shoe size recommendationInsole length of the barefoot shoeInsole width of the barefoot shoe
10.1 – 10.7CM1811.7CM5.9CM
11.5 – 12.0CM2013.3CM6.1CM
12.1 – 12.7CM2114.0CM6.2CM
17.0 – 17.6CM2818.8CM7.1CM
18.4 – 19.0CM3020.1CM7.5CM
19.1 – 19.7CM3120.8CM7.7CM
20.6 – 21.1CM3322.2CM8.1CM
22.0 – 22.7CM3523.5CM8.5CM

Discover the different fits for children’s barefoot shoes:

So that every foot has enough space, bLIFESTYLE offer barefoot shoes for children in different fits.

For wider children’s feet, we recommend wide barefoot shoe models with a 5 mm wider fit .
The narrow barefoot shoe models for children also offer a secure hold for narrower little feet, with a 5 mm narrower fit .
The wide barefoot shoe models for children are ideal for feet with a slightly higher or wider foot and offer more volume on the instep in terms of fit .

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Yellow, Green

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Autumn shoes, Spring shoes

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Dominant thumb (Egyptian), Mountain (Greek), Plato (Roman)