Welcome to Barefoot Shoes Shop!

Allow us to introduce ourselves – Alex, Kristiyan and Maria

Our journey began in the halls of a school where Maria and Alex first crossed paths. Over time, our bond grew stronger, and we became inseparable friends. As our secondary education concluded, Maria embarked on a journey to Denmark to pursue her passion for sports and event management, while Alex chose to remain in Bulgaria, carving her path in logistics. It was during this time that Alex met Kristian, and as fate would have it, they embarked on a journey together, forming a great family that would shape our story.

Though the miles between us have increased, our connection has never wavered. Throughout the years, we’ve maintained our friendship, always finding ways to communicate and reunite.Maria and Alex share a spirit of boundless imagination, constantly generating ideas and exploring new horizons . In contrast, Kristian’s pragmatic perspective serves as a stabilizing force, ensuring we all remain firmly rooted in reality.

Today, as parents, Alex and Kristian discovered the vital role of shoes in early development. They started noticing little things like toe alignment and balance, all thanks to their child. This led them to explore the world of barefoot shoes, expanding their knowledge and interest to a deeper level.

One sunny day, Alex and Maria engaged in a conversation that would alter our course. As Alex was on maternity leave and Maria recovering from a knee operation, we pondered various business prospects, envisioning a meaningful impact in both Bulgaria and Denmark. It was during this conversation that one of Maria’s ideas resonated deeply with Alex: ’the concept of barefoot shoes for babies’.Drawing from her knowledge and fascination with the benefits of barefoot walking, Alex’s interest was more than just casual. Her deep understanding of the significance of proper footwear, especially in the early stages of development, made Maria’s suggestion all the more compelling.

The conversation passed, but the idea stucked!

Not even a week later, fate stepped in once more. Joana, the previous owner of Barefoot Shoes Shop, unexpectedly declared the shop’s impending closure. As the sole witness to this announcement, Alex hesitated. For two days, she weighed her options and deliberated on whether to take a step forward. Eventually, she mustered the courage, embraced her uncertainty, and reached out to Joana with a determined message.

Even Alex couldn’t anticipate Joana’s reply. The excitement was palpable as Alex shared the news with Maria and Kristian. Several meetings and careful planning later, the three of us proudly emerged as the proprietors of an online haven for barefoot shoes – “Barefoot Shoes Shop.”

Our mission is unwavering, our goal is shared – to champion the concept of barefoot walking in our society. We believe in fostering healthier strides, stronger bodies, and a more vibrant way of life.

We invite you to be a part of our journey. By registering and connecting with us on social media, you’ll open the door to exclusive discounts and the opportunity to actively contribute to our mission of making a substantial difference.